R.I.P. Meech 2009-2023

Softest of all, gentle giant and lovliest of kitties. We will miss you a lot. Our beloved Meech passed away today after a short battle with cancer. We will miss him a lot.

New eyes O.O

Have you ever wanted to get yourself a pair of new eyes? Well often I’ve been wishing for this, as I’ve been born blind and only through countless operations and long time spend at the optometrist, I’ve been able to see – well at least enough to use a computer and get around 😉 ButRead More

Time to clean up…

Sometimes you just got to clean out your junk – which for me, means the once in a decade sorting and deep cleaning my office. This time around, it was triggered by the rising energy costs, which got me to consider my homelab a bit. So one server, which had only done duty as aRead More


This is an odd song… It all started with a friend of mine, Jimmy Thomsen, send me some samples to play with. But typical for his musical instincts, which I won’t say anything bad about. He is pretty good at these things, but yeah typically for the samples they were sickeningly cheerful and almost gaveRead More

Two Friends of Years

Oki this one has proven rather stubborn to get down and I am still not entirely satisfied, but I had better stop before I get mad at it. This is the second attempt at making this song work and it DOES sound better than the original, thank God. Thanks to Soba for helping me orRead More

Solar Storm

For the past few weeks, I’ve been running around with a sound stuck in my head. It’s the sound that Gasolin uses in their song, Rabalderstræde from 1975. The into got a distinct sound that I wanted to try and copy. Didn’t succeed, but I got close enough imho.

Dark Cabin

It’s been a halfway miserable evening here. My head is swamped with lots of things that happens around me. My thoughts grow a bit dark but then there is the joy with music. This song represent the state I’ve been in all night, how it darkens and how I just feel like being somewhere ells,Read More