Welcome to Jeanette and Mike’s homepage. It’s been about time we have a site all for ourselves, so here’s the lay of the land- we’re a married couple in Denmark and got to know each other over the ‘net before iCupid was a thing. We really just hung out as teenagers on a video game chat channel, spoke about the things that life threw at us over those years we were hanging out.

Do you ever pray for something and then forget that prayer the next day?

… Yeah, it happens. But it pays to pray. I mean.. really. I (Jeanette) had a really rough breakup when I tried dating, so I asked my dad to pray with me, and prayed for 1. A guy who loves God as much as my dad does, and 2. Someone not quite so annoying.

And do you ever wonder why a prayer isn’t answered immediately?

Mike was just this guy, y’know? (Plz insert a HHGtG joke here.)
Just this everyday guy with slightly funky grammar on a chat channel, but over the years after that prayer, he was getting to know God, helped me with some things through the mail, and even sent a Petra Praise 2 CD in the mail. I was burnt out with the idea of relationships, didn’t think of more than a burgeoning respect, but when the time was right…

When I’d been away from being online for a year ‘cuz my family had moved-

God dropped an amazing bombshell in my lap, and the story unfolded of our lives together from that time on. I (Jeanette) think relationships aren’t really best served up like a Cup O’ Noodles, and God was using those years that went by on polishing us up on both sides of the Atlantic (USA and Denmark) so we’d make a good couple.