New eyes O.O

Have you ever wanted to get yourself a pair of new eyes? Well often I’ve been wishing for this, as I’ve been born blind and only through countless operations and long time spend at the optometrist, I’ve been able to see – well at least enough to use a computer and get around 😉 But you take what you can get, right?

A year ago, I was up with my ophthalmologist and had a chat with him about the problems I was facing using contacts and he mentioned that there was a new type of operation, that we might want to try out. So he send me out to the hospital, to chat with the specialist, who was pioneering this operation. Basically, for people in my situation, they remove the old linse chamber, to allow light in to the eye, so it can develop, but that means that no new linse can be implanted later. But now, he could put in a new linse, that sits behind the iris, with some very fine plastic claws and over a short time, they are stuck solid in there, by scar tissue. Sounded almost too good to be true, but I decided that it would be a great chance to finally be ride of thick glasses and complicated contacts, so I jumped at the option.

Now remember what I said about countless operations, right? Well that means lots of scar tissue and other junk in the eyes, especially the right one. So there was a chance that it had to be done in two stages – in full anaesthesia. First operation was in November 2021 and it went well. The eye got cleaned out from all the old tissue and a vitrectomy (removing the optical gel inside the eye) and after that I could have taken a role as the Terminator. That’s how red my right eye was. Whew. Took around 2 weeks before I could use that eye again – and it was only half done.

Next operation was in January 2022, where they again looked at the right eye. Now it was time to implant the new linse. Again going to sleep and waking up feeling horrible. Well that’s how it is to be in full anaesthesia, but after two weeks and a lot of eyedrops, I could see. Oh man could I see! Never have I had so clear vision on that eye. I could even read on the computer screen. I was amazed – until the eyedrops startet to really work and I could barely keep awake. Bleh, but I could see!

February 2022 – ok now we are getting serious! Left eye, my good eye, the eye I really use. But I was ready. I had seen the change in the right eye, but you can’t help being a bit scared anyway and two weeks without being able to see… Not fun! Well I went in, went under, woke up, feeling blah, but when I got up to my room again and they took up the bandage – oh my. Clear vision from the first go. What the!? YAY! And it was amazing – truly amazing! I can’t thank God enough for that moment!

Then disaster. Well not disaster as in ‘I was blind’ or something like that, but I started to see light refelections in the eye. At first, I just thought it was the cornea that needed to settle and so did my ophthalmologist, when I came in. But something was strange. It wasn’t the right linse that was in there, but it turned out that the surgeon had discovered a linse chamber – become really surprised, as there should not have been one in the first place, but he put in a fresh linse and did the vitrectomy as well, which is why I could see so fast. A real gift from God! He still does miracles. Now here comes the disaster. After the reflections didn’t go away, my surgeon took a look at it and saw that a tare in the linse chamber, had gotten the linse to partially slip out of it’s chamber – and I had to go in again and have a 4th surgery. He wasn’t too happy to say the least and I was really sad. I had lost a great gift from my Father in Heaven. Just like a child who lost a toy, they had gotten and really loved, from their parent. Took me a few days to get over it, but I just heard God telling me it was OK.

Operation 4. Well again I had to go in. I was starting to louth the process a bit, as I always felt like crap, waking up, but this time turned out to be a lot different. I went down to the operation. Met the team and had a chat with them, about everything and for once it was not just relaxed but really relaxed. We could joke and all. Just felt nice. And as I woke up after the operation, I was feeling good? Yes I didn’t feel like crap O.o Wow.

I got up to the room and the bandage got off. Once again I could see! Not completely clearly, but I could see enough to get around and all!

That is now two weeks ago – my eye is no longer red, I don’t feel the stitches that much anymore and I can see really well – better than I’ve ever been able to. It’s amazing!

I really want to thank the doctors and nurses at OUH and my ophthalmologist Sune, for their work with me and I hope that my witness to the staff has planted a seed or two. My dear wife, my brother and his wife and my church. You are amazing.

Mostly thank you God – what a gift you have given me – what blessings you have bestowed on me. Thank you for hearing our prayers and for what you will do in the future – the ride is not over yet.