This is an odd song… It all started with a friend of mine, Jimmy Thomsen, send me some samples to play with. But typical for his musical instincts, which I won’t say anything bad about. He is pretty good at these things, but yeah typically for the samples they were sickeningly cheerful and almost gave me a diabetic fit with their upbeatness!

Well I tried my best to ruin this mood, but as much as I wanted to, it simply didn’t succeed. Well I once again have to bow my head and acknowledge his supreme ways of making me work with upbeat music.

No to be honest and to make it up to him for these rather ehm sarcastic words, he did it to get me to start working with music again and he did get me started on the ideas. As a matter of fact, I have a few ideas in my head now, that I’ll be working on soon – well when I can get a new keyboard. Mine died under these recordings (sob). But next time, I do hope I get to sit down with Jimmy and work with him in person. Whenever we’ve done that in the past, great things has come out of it. He got a lot of talent in coming up with stuff on the spot and also to ‘visualize’ other people’s ideas on the keyboard. So stay tuned!

But now to the abomination that I call Bubbly!