Desert Fox

A while ago I was asked to help a friend with a piece of music for a 3D demo movie for his exam project. Well soon he will be done with his education and here is the music.

The background for this piece of music is very simple. The past few days I’ve been really depressed, trying to sort though a lot of issues with my life. This, however helps me to get creative and today at the all time low, I decided to get working. Amazing what you can get done in around 10 hours…

The inspiration is a vixen warrior that CG created in a 3D world. The setting is an arena and it looks like it’s in a desert. It is a quite beautiful setting and that set my mood further on this project.

I’ve used my guitar for the first time in ages and also my keyboard. The rest is Garageband 8, iControl and my trusty iMac.

Well enjoy.


Well this morning a friend of mine was talking about the number with me and complained that he had to hit play way to often, so I decided to make an extended version of the number. Personally I think it turned out really well!